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1530 Inspiration Dr.

Dallas, TX  75207

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Discontinued BEERs

A discography of some of our favorite beers of  yesteryear that make the occasional Taproom appearance.

Barrel Aged Mosaic IPA!?  Not quite.

Aging a hop-focused beer in barrels will greatly diminish the hop aromas that we've toiled to create. Fortunately for us, we have the ability to add oak spirals- carefully milled helixes of toasted American oak to our aging tanks (and now Hop Gun!).

This process infuses our popular Mosaic IPA with delicious notes of oak, honey, vanilla, and coconut while preserving the beautiful hop profile we all know & love.

Named for the passion fruit flower,

our Passiflora IPA offers harmonious tropical flavors from a distinct hop blend and copious amounts of passion fruit puree.

Mosaic & Citra hops complement the uniquely tart flavor of the fruit, all balanced by the subtle maltiness of a wheat-based grist and fruity esters from authentic Belgian yeast.

This beer was born from two passions: brewing beer & brewing coffee.

The base beer begins as a high gravity Baltic Porter, with a deep, roasty malt-forward character.  We then add cold-steeped coffee from Arabica beans directly into the fermented and finished beer, giving the immense aroma and flavor of fresh coffee.

To complete the luxurious flavor profile, we infuse this delicious coffee porter with whole Madagascar vanilla beans using our Hop Gun.  The final brew is a smooth, rich and well balanced.

Razzy begins as our

World Beer Cup Gold-medal winning Witbier, a year-round offering.

The crisp character of wheat beers lends itself to  natural pairings with fruit, and our addition of fresh raspberry puree adds a delicious, refreshing flavor and acidity.

But this is not an overly sweet-tasting beer.  

Unlike many fruit beers, we allow the sugars of the puree to ferment, which reduces the sweetness tocreate a much more balanced beer.

The quest to create Community Beer Company led us to

evaluate many locations around Dallas for nearly two years

before selecting our home on Inspiration Drive.

What a great street name for our dream brewery to be built!! ​Without inspiration, we wouldn’t be here to enrich our local community with world-class craft beer.

In honor of all things inspirational, we offer this very special Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale.

The deep ruby hue of this ale comes from the use of several English and Belgian crystal malts as well as a touch of roasted malt. The rich malt character is balanced by a high ABV, a blend of highly attenuated and expressive Belgian yeast strains, and just the right amount of hops.  

             Trinity Tripel is a hoppy Belgian-style Tripel, technically falling

into the Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale category.

The smooth body and flavor come from select German Pils malts used for the grist, lending a deep golden hue and clean finish. The lack of complexity in the grist is necessary to highlight the stars of the show: three of our most beloved Belgian yeast strains and a new German hop variety called Mandarina Bavaria and also the famed Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.

        When you want hops and a refreshing, crisp beer that’s drinkable all day long, Sundial is the answer.

We keep the grist simple to showcase our delicious hops, and use copious amounts of Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo hops to give a delightful hoppy aroma and flavor. Hop bitterness is present, but dialed back with just enough to balance the malt and keep the refreshment factor high!

Who says beer isn't for breakfast?

            We've teamed up with our neighborhood coffee gurus at Ascension Coffee Roasters to bring you the most coffee-forward be we could brew!


The base beer begins as a dark, robust Baltic Porter.  We then infuse expertly brewed, cold-steeped coffee into the fermented and finished beer, giving the immense aroma and flavor of Sumatra coffee beans.  

It's about to get funky up in here!

           This American-style IPA is fermented with Brettanomyces wild yeast, or "Brett" as we brewers like to call it.  The result is a slightly tart, dry, and totally groovy IPA loaded with citrus & berry characteristics thanks to a far out amount of American & new Zealand hops! 

Brett's Get it On!

Brett's Get it On!