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The original release in our

Barrel-Aged Series,

which takes a selection of our beers and ages

them in some of the finest barrels available. The possibilities for creativity are endless, and our brewers dream big!


Individual wooden barrels impart distinctly different flavors:

vanilla, coconut, honey and toast, as well as any contribution

from the barrels’ previous contents. As a craft brewery, we love

the varying nuances imparted by each of these amazing barrels,

and strive to make each release in this series a unique one!


In this batch, we have aged Legion –

our popular Russian Imperial Stout –

in a variety of bourbon and whiskey barrels.


The result is a beautiful marriage of the beer, barrel and spirit, contributing flavors of toffee, vanilla and candied fruits,

all mingling with roasty, smooth Legion.


BATCH # 2  (Q4 2014)

BARRELS: Breckenridge, Jack Daniels & a Colorado Whiskey distillery (confidentially requested)

BATCH # 4 (Q4 2015)

Bottle Coded: 11/3/15 2015 NOV

BARRELS: Woodford Reserve 

BATCH # 6 (Q4 2016)

Bottle Coded: THE MACALLAN 11/11/16, Black Crown

BARRELS: Macallan Scotch Whiskey

BATCH # 8 (Q4 2018)

Bottle Coded: 10/31/18, Blue Logo Crown

BARRELS:  American Whiskey & Bourbon blend

(confidentiality requested)

BATCH # 10 (Q4 2019)

Bottle Coded: 10/25/17, White Crown

BARRELS: Heaven Hill Bouron

BATCH #1 (FALL 2014)

Bottle Coded: No Date, Gold Crown

BARRELS: Breckenridge, Heaven Hill & Jack Daniels

BATCH # 3 (Q1/15)

BARRELS:  All Colorado Whiskey Distillery

(confidentially requested)

BATCH # 5 (Q4 2015)

Bottle Coded: 12/9/15 2015 DEC

BARRELS: Woodford Reserve

BATCH # 7 (Q4 2017)

Bottle Coded: 10/25/17, Gold Crown

BARRELS: Jamaican Rum

BATCH # 9 (Q4 2019) - IRISH COFFEE

Date Coded: TBD, 16oz Small Batch Series Can

BARRELS: Jameson Irish Whiskey

BATCH # 11 (Q1 2020) - MOCHA

Date Coded: 2/13/20, 16oz Small Batch Series Can

BARRELS: Sagamore Spirit Rye -Wave Stave