We are more than just a brewery. We also want to be an integral part of our community by supporting local charities and artists ... using our brews to bring UNITY to one another's lives.

"Community Beer Company" represents many meanings -- all centered on what we feel a great community represents: 

Want to Get Involved?

"The Greater Good" is not only our motto, but also the name of our volunteer group that will help us give back to the community.  

We are looking for:



Volunteers for
charitable work


Event Volunteers


Local Artists & Musicians


Charities that we can help


FIRST:​  Beer is Communal. For ages, it’s been a central part of get-togethers among friends, family, and co-workers to celebrate old acquaintances ... or make new ones.


SECOND: As a brewery, we are passionate about providing a quality craft product to the people within our Community: Dallas, Texas and the surrounding Metroplex.


THIRD: We want to be stewards of our Community by adhering to environmentally sustainable business practices, production, and distribution.


And FINALLY: We want to support our Community by giving back to it through charitable activities and by supporting local artists.


Beer for the Greater Good!

Calling All Artists!

Want to share your art with visitors of the brewery?  

We are launching our local artists support program, where we invite artists to set up shop at our tours and events in order to sell their work to the community.  

How does it work?

Please use our contact form to email us samples of your work.  We will invite local artists on a rotating schedule to our Saturday tours and special events.  Once on the calendar, you bring your work and either hang it on walls we provide or on your own displays.  Whatever you sell, you keep.